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Delroy Wilson

Jamaica’s First Child Star
& Reggae Music Trailblazer

The Delroy Wilson Official Tribute Tour will travel across the UK in October 2022 to celebrate the life and work of Jamaica’s prolific Reggae icon and first child star, Delroy Wilson.

Official Tribute Tour


Delroy Wilson’s unique voice and songs will come to mind when you think of Jamaica. At just 13 years old, Wilson was the first child star in Jamaica’s history.

Wilson was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 5, 1948, and would go on to have many Ska hits, starting with “Emmy Lou”. He had more hits, including “I Shall Not Remove”, “Look Who’s Back Again” (duet with Slim Smith), and “Prince Pharaoh” and the iconic “Better Must Come” among countless others. He died leaving at least 350 songs recorded in every iteration of Reggae during his decades long career. Delroy Wilson remains a major influence on young artists today and an enduring inspiration for his legendary contemporaries.

Annon Deans Music presents Delroy Wilson Tribute UK Tour, Set to Launch October 2022

Delroy Wilson – Dancing Mood – Mento Version
Delroy Wilson – Have Some Mercy

The Artists

Annon Deans Music will release a new various artist album featuring some of Delroy Wilson’s classic songs in late September 2022 to coincide with the tribute tour.

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